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If you desire to further your fly fishing journey, being it with a single or two handed rod, you need to have a good foundation of basic fly casting skills. Those who pursue these skills, to better enjoy the sport of fly fishing, know the importance of studying with a really good instructor will help you to obtain those goals sooner than if you try to do it on your own.

Ron Lauzon, professional fly casting instructor, guide and outfitter, has accepted that challenge, and has enthusiastically studied how to teach people to enjoy the great outdoors, and provide you with the finest and most diversified techniques of progressively mastering the art and science to be accomplished and successful in the sport of fly fishing.

Fly fishing since 1970, and currently a certified fly fishing instructor thru the Federation of Fly Fishers, Ron has continually focused on improving and “updating” his skills, to distinguish himself from the rest. He has sought out, and personally studied with many of the very best instructors currently in this sport. In single handed instruction he has studied with: Joan Wulff, Lefty Kreh, Gary and Jason Borger, Maggie Merriman, and Denise Maxwell. With the two handed rod he has studied with: Simon Gawesworth, Derrick Brown, Mel Krieger, Mike Maxwell, Steve Choate and Way Yin, and Dec Hogan. These are a few of the celebrity fly fishers, as well as many others.

Ron owns his popular fly fishing school, guide / outfitter business, and teaches college credit fly fishing classes, and also at parks and recs. throughout Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas. He is an instructor / guide, and has been on advisory staff with a fly fishing company, and takes his instruction / guide & outfitter services to rivers such as the Deschutes, Clackamas, Sandy, McKenzie, and others in Oregon. He also provides river training and boating skills.

“Updating” this bio (12/23/2008), Ron has continued to seek out and study with more of the finest, and best known fly fishing instructors and guides currently in the sport. Those being: Goran Anderson and Trond Syrstad (Loop Fly Tackle), Andy Murrey (House of Hardy), George Cook (Sage), Andre Schultz (Winston), Henrik Mortensen (Scierra / Zpey), Mike Kinney (N.W. Skagit R. instructor /guide). The result being, Ron has internationally trained and increased his knowledge in teaching all styles of fly fishing, including: Traditional Spey Casting, Scandinavian styles including Underhand and Modern Spey Casting, and Skagit Casting.

Ron has taken FFF sanctioned “pre-test” workshops in preparation for the Masters, and Two Handed, Certified Casting Instructors Tests. He is also on fly fishing manufactures Fly Fishing Pro Staff, and has opened up and provided instructional casting demonstrations at the Sandy River Spey Clave (the largest gathering of spey casters, and fly fishing manufactures in the Northwest) for the last five years.

References are available from corporative, and individual clients of Ron Lauzon.

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