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The following links and information are a collection of helpful sites that we believe are a benefit to all boating and flyfishing enthusiasts in Oregon and throughout the USA.

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Fishing Terms to Know

Attractor - A fly that is designed to look like nothing in particular but rather to attract the attention of the fish. A Woolly Bugger is an example of an Attractor fly.

Barbless - A type of hook which does not have a barb on the pointed end. Barbless hooks are easier to set in the jaw of the fish and make it easier to release a fish unharmed. Many
streams and rivers don't allow hooks with barbs to be used.

- The process of delivering a fly to the intended target.

Double Haul - A type of cast characterized by the quick pulling in and releasing the fly line in both the backcast and the forecast. Used for long distance casting or with strong wind.

Double Taper
- A fly line that tapers at both ends allowing the user to reverse the line when one end begins to wear.

- A substance applied to a dry fly to assist it to sit high on the water surface and not absorb water.

Load - Stored energy in a rod resulting from forcing a bend into the rod.

- To move the fly line upstream from the location of the fly to ensure no unwanted drag is on the fly that may scare a fish

Weight Forward - A fly line designed with more weight towards the front of the line to assist in casting and loading the rod.


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Oregon River Levels
This is a list of Oregon surface water data. Realtime & previous data. It now includes online plots of previous river levels... if it isn't working go Go to Site >>

Oregon Weekly Fishing Report
This is the ODFW's, containing fishing reports, rule changes, and news. Go to Site >>

Oregon Fish & Wildlife
This is the ODFW's Web page, containing Oregon fishing reports, Fisheries news and recent fishing regulation changes. Go to Site >>

Local Weather reports

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